What is a lip flip injection?

What is a lip flip injection

A lip flip injection is a relatively new cosmetic procedure that gives you fuller lips with one quick and straightforward treatment. It involves injecting the neurotoxin Botox into your upper lip.

The procedure is not as safe as dermal fillers but is less invasive and has a low risk of complications. It also has minimal side effects, such as bruising and swelling.

Botox Injections

A lip flip is a popular cosmetic treatment that enhances the lips with a minimally-invasive procedure. Unlike fillers or lip implants, which can cause a dramatic change in the lips, this procedure is more subtle and leaves the natural shape of the lips intact.

In this procedure, Botox (or Dysport) is injected into the top half of the mouth’s muscle, causing the upper lip to “flip” upwards and appear fuller. It can also be used to reduce gummy smile issues and accentuate the lips’ shape.

This treatment is performed by a licensed dermatologist, who will examine the area and find the best spot to inject the neuromodulator. The procedure is performed in a private room, and the injections can take only minutes.

When choosing a dermatologist for the procedure, you should look for a board-certified physician who has extensive experience with aesthetics. This will ensure that the injections are done safely and effectively.

The doctor will also ask you about any allergies or medical conditions that may impact the results of the treatment. You should also tell the doctor Cameron K. Rokhsar about any medication you are taking, such as muscle relaxers, sleep aids or blood thinners.

If you are concerned about pain, your doctor can apply topical numbing cream to the treatment area before the procedure. The numbing cream does not contain lidocaine, so some patients feel mild discomfort during the procedure and afterward.

Most patients will feel a small bump or slight bruising at the injection site for about an hour after the treatment, but this is expected and should disappear within 24 hours. It is important to avoid exercise or sleeping face down for a few days following the treatment to allow the Botox to spread evenly through the muscles and distribute its effects.

Botox is a neuromodulator that is composed of Botulinum toxin type A, which can disrupt nerve signals that are sent to muscles at or near the injection site. The toxin blocks the transmission of nerve signals and forces the muscles to relax, which can reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, neck and lips.

Lip aesthetics

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Aesthetics can be a difficult subject to understand, and it is important to find a professional who is familiar with the topic. At Haus of Aesthetics, our aestheticians are trained to provide you with the highest quality treatment possible. They will perform a thorough consultation and take the time to answer all of your questions. They will also help you decide if a lip flip is right for you.

Preparation for a lip flip

A lip flip injection is an effective way to enhance your lips without the need for a more invasive procedure like a lip filler. It can be used for a number of reasons, including to help improve the appearance of thin-appearing upper lips or to reduce vertical fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

A Lip Flip is an injectable treatment that uses Botox to temporarily relax the muscles around the top of your mouth. The result is a fuller, more pronounced upper lip that appears to “flip” upward and outward as you smile.

The procedure involves a series of tiny injections that are given into key areas of the upper lip. The treatment is quick and simple, typically taking just 10 minutes to perform. Numbing cream is applied before the injections take place to ensure there is minimal discomfort.

Before getting the treatment, it is important to avoid alcohol, smoking and any blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin, for 48 hours before your appointment. This will minimise the risk of bruising and swelling and ensure that you are able to recover quickly after your lip flip session.

You will also need to avoid extreme temperatures for at least 48 hours after your lip flip procedure, as this can affect the results of your injections. You should also abstain from using any cosmetic products that contain menthol or other irritants.

During your initial consultation, you will be asked about any medications you are currently taking and your medical history, so the provider can tailor your Lip Flip treatment to suit your needs. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the process.

It is also recommended that you have an ultrasound or MRI performed prior to the treatment, as these can detect any irregularities that may not be noticeable to the naked eye. This will give the practitioner a better understanding of the treatment and help them achieve the best possible results.

The results from a lip flip are immediate and last for up to three months. Swelling and bruising will likely occur around the treatment sites, but these side effects should disappear within 72 hours.

Recovery after injections

A lip flip, also known as a “lip lift,” is a non-surgical technique that can enhance your lips without the need for lip fillers. A lip flip uses a small amount of Botox or other neurotoxin to relax the upper lip’s muscle. This allows the lip to gently lift and “flip” upward in about a week. It’s a popular treatment among patients who want fuller lips but do not want to undergo invasive facial surgery, and it’s considered one of the safest injectables on the market.

During your session, your doctor will apply a topical numbing cream to the area being treated. Then, they will administer a tiny number of units of Botox (or Dysport, for example) through injections.

The number of units your doctor will use depends on the condition you wish to treat and your unique cosmetic goals. If you have a gummy smile, for instance, specialists at medical spas may choose to employ two to eight units of Botox or Dysport.

However, your lips will not look more full right away because it takes time for the Botox or other neurotoxin injected into your lip muscles to fully relax. In addition, your lips might swell slightly for a few days after the procedure.

After your lip flip injection, you should avoid putting pressure on your lips, such as puckering them or kissing. You should also refrain from rubbing or scratching the area, which could cause bruising and swelling.

You should also avoid extreme temperatures, such as hot tubs, saunas or steam baths for at least 48 hours after your appointment. You should also stay away from smoking and drinking for a week after your procedure, since these substances can interfere with the healing process.

Your lips should swell and become red in color for a few days after the procedure, so you should avoid lipstick and other cosmetics for this period of time. Additionally, avoid applying a thick layer of lip balm or chapstick on your lips for a few days to prevent chafing.

You should not drink alcohol, smoke or take aspirin, which thin your blood. It’s also best to skip taking supplements, such as glucosamine or vitamin C, as these can interfere with the healing process. You should also avoid exercising for at least a week following your injection.

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